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Monday, December 21, 2015

The prize is in my sights

The thought of being at a size that I havent seen since 8th grade is still hard for me to imagine, but with my diet and exercise becoming easier and more enjoyable, everyday I can see the possiblities. Everyday I struggle with wanting to eat something I shouldnt, but each day it comes easier to say no. I do enjoy working out so that is not a problem and actually look forward to going to the gym.

I can feel my body getting healthier and I can see results in my body weight and size. I have such a desire to reach my goals and am so excited at the thought of 265lbs, 36 waist and a XL shirt. I love the way that sounds and it actually helps me to continue to write that sentence on a daily bases. It keeps the prize in sight, and the reality of my goals at the forefront of my mind.

I started this blog page in hopes of helping myself through expression but I also hope in someway I can help my family and the people around me with my personal example of what can be done out of hard work and pure determination. I will win and I will hold that prize over my head with pride in my accomplishments.

265lbs, 36 waist and a XL shirt...that is my prize and it is in my sights and it will be mine!

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  1. Your open and honest words are a wonderful example Dean. Thank you for sharing. I check your blog daily in hope that you have posted something new. I have no doubt you will be helping others along your journey. Keep up the great work!